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increase your sales 26% in 4 months.
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You think to yourself...

"Is this for real? They'll work for free until I hit 26% increase?"

Yes. We will. Our reputation depends on keeping our word.

Trucking Marketing prevents trucks from sitting still like these.

Trucks Shouldn't Be Idle.

We all know the last few years were especially tough for the trucking industry.

You’ve made it through more troubles in the last few years than I can count. Here’s just a few of the troubles you made it through…

  • Ships Waiting To Unload
  • High Fuel Prices
  • Pressure To Go Green
  • Market Uncertainty
  • Changing Legislation
  • Driver shortages

And no one knows what’s coming next.

Everywhere I go I see “Help Wanted” signs. Tons of companies are looking for new employees. All the trucking companies I pass need more drivers.

Imagine if you were able to pay above average rates. How long would it take you to hire more drivers if you paid 10-25% above average because you had that many loads coming in?

Or, how would you feel if, as you’re just trying to survive, you see other trucking businesses around you have fully recovered and are growing by leaps and bounds?

How Will You Solve your staffing issues?

When you pay more, Hiring drivers is easy.

Trucking Digital Marketing

Create an upward spiral for your trucking company

  • More Good Clients
  • Less Time Selling
  • More loads
  • More money to pay drivers
  • Choose the drivers you want

Business gets easier when you earn more money.

And it all starts with your Trucking Digital Marketing Service. When Huntington Hearst does your marketing, easier sales and more money so you can pay your drivers more.

How does it all work?

How does it all work?

We design a new digital marketing strategy for your company. And  all centers around your new website.

We also use other digital assets including PDFs, calendars, and email marketing to position your team as the trucking experts that they are. You’ll have people coming to you. They’ll already see you as experts. And it won’t just be because you’ve been in the trucking industry for years.

It all starts with a question: “What do you want to achieve?”

From there we build a trucking digital marketing strategy that shows your prospects  that you’re the experts they need.

The good news is that becoming an expert doesn’t require teaching from a stage. Though, if you want to do that, I encourage it. All you have to do is teach, and you can do that with books and PDF e-books. Don’t worry. This is what I do. We’ll take care of it together.

What is Huntington Hearst?

Trucking marketing services

Tim Biden

Logistics Marketer

I’m Tim Biden and I own Huntington Hearst LLC. Yes, Biden is my real last name. But I have no relation to Joe. And no, I can’t put you in touch with him because I’ve never met him.

Moving on…

I provide trucking digital marketing services. I’ve created countless websites and I’ve SEO for over ten years. In that time, I’ve seen trends, tactics, and strategies come and go. But becoming an expert is one strategy that’s remained consistent. And there’s good reason for that.


Expertise and reputation are powerful. When you prove to someone that you know the industry and are willing to help others, you become a member of their team, even if you don’t work for them. Helping others makes you the obvious choice when a client needs to transport their freight.

That’s a good position for your business and sales team.

How Does Trucking Marketing Work?


Digital marketing is getting people to know you, like you, and trust you, using digital assets like websites, email, social media, and ads.

Website Visitors
Become Clients

If you're not impressed by how well your website sells people on your services, it's probably time for an upgrade and redesign.

Keep Their

Prospects sign up for your email list to get free PDF ebooks and we email them twice a week, keeping you at the top of their mind.

You Become
The Expert

Teaching people and solving problems make you an expert. People trust experts. So experts get to charge more for their services.

Trucking Digital marketing services

Digital Marketing may seem overwhelming. But don’t be fooled. Your trucking company needs new online marketing strategies to stay alive and competitive. We have seven pointers and resources to assist you in your trucking company marketing and growing your business.

1. Your Website
People look online when they want to compare companies before making a purchase. You want your website to convert these visitors into clients and generate more leads for your transportation services. People will click on the first Google search result over 25% of the time, so boosting your firm’s website in the results is essential. We do this through SEO, which we’ll talk about later.

Your website must look good and modern but not have too many distracting elements. It must speak to the right audience. If you specialize in 1 type of trucking, focus on that and the needs of that niche. Speaking to too many different audiences means you’re not talking to anyone.

2. Email Marketing
Every person has an email address nowadays. Email marketing lets you connect directly with clients to keep your company at the forefront of their minds and promote your services. Brainstorm how to talk about your trucking business while keeping this in mind.

An email may be scheduled ahead of time or sent immediately. You can also customize your emails to establish relationships and give customers a positive experience with your company, which will encourage them to return to you again.

Advertising your business via email outreach is a low-cost method of generating more leads. Marketing via email is one of the most critical drivers of finding new clients and maintaining repeat clients.

3. Online Reviews
Word-of-mouth recommendations are an exceptional marketing strategy for your company. When you fulfill your present clients, they like to publicize your company to their business associates, expanding your prospective client pool.

Use this hugely influential resource by asking customers for referrals or reviews. A review is a quote about your company, which may help prospects decide between working with you or a competitor. These potential clients will consider reviews before working with you because what others say about you is more important to them than what you say about yourself. Positive testimonials reflect well on your products and services, help maintain connections with current clients, and boost your company in Google search results.

4. Ads And Retargeting
Google is the first stop for people looking for information, and it’s where most people start. If you want to find more clients, start here.

Connecting with potential customers as they search for trucking services offers will grow your business. Advertising on Google attracts new customers and secures more leads.

You even can advertise specifically to people who have already been to your website through retargeting. By appearing in multiple places, you increase the likelihood that prospects will remember your company. This helps them return to your website, get on your mailing list, and do business with you.

5. Lead Magnets
A lead magnet encourages site visitors to join your mailing list by exchanging their email addresses for white papers, ebooks, or newsletters. You can also offer them a demo or service discount.

Create a solid offer that appeals to your target audience. Use keywords to ensure that the right people sign up. Low-quality leads waste your time in follow-up. Your lead magnet must serve a purpose and target your specific audience segment.

Lead magnets are valuable because they have perceived value. What do you offer that makes someone want to give you their email address? It is unlikely that someone will sign up for your list if the information you offer can be found on Google in a search or two. A lead magnet that creatively solves a person’s problem is the best.

You want your website visitors to instantly understand what you will do for them and how it will improve their lives. You have to deliver on the promise you made when you asked for people’s emails. Don’t leave customers hanging with a clickbait offer that doesn’t follow through. By solving part of the problem, you establish yourself as an expert that can take them the rest of the way.

6. Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method of raising a website’s position in Google’s search results. Because organic search is the most widely used method for finding and accessing online material, an excellent SEO strategy is critical for bringing traffic to your site.

It’s important to remember that organic search results are free listings on a search engine results page (SERP). They should be the most relevant to the user’s search engine query. The search engine determines Organic rankings through its algorithms, not advertiser bids. This means it’s impossible to pay to get a higher organic position. You can only do it by optimizing your website through on-page and off-page SEO.

So What happens next?

1. Click the button below.

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3. We start marketing for you.

We use your website, EBook PDFs, email, and ads to position you and your team as industry experts.


Because people love doing business with experts. People are willing pay more to do business with industry experts. In business, your reputation is everything.

Marketing requires more than to just tell people who you are and what you do. You have to prove to them that you mean business. Simply put, Digital Marketing is getting people to know, like, and trust you, through digital means including your website, email list, and PDF ebooks. Creating experts is our job. We build their trust in you.

What would your clients prefer? Would they trust a random business that has a generic website to move your freight? Or is trusting an industry expert with a respectable website, easier?

What about an industry expert that provides valuable information on their respectable website? Do you think teaching people like that might add value to your reputation?

Just like you, your clients want to know they have experts handling their freight. We’re going to prove to your clients and prospects that you’re the trucking experts they need, right now.

It’s time to get started with your Trucking Marketing.

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