Ronin Forge Web design on a laptop

Ronin Forge Web Design

It started as the American Ronin Field Guides and has made numerous transitions in both content and name. The American Ronin Project is in the process of becoming the Ronin Forge.

Along with the name change, a new Ronin Forge web design is coming.

The current design has been called “spartan” and “monastic.” And both terms are accurate descriptions of the website’s present appearance. That is what American Ronin author Joseph Hall wanted for his site. He didn’t want anything to detract from his message.

He recently agreed to update the site’s appearance to be more aesthetically pleasing and less “spartan”. And I approve.

Mr. Hall has definite ideas of how he wants to present and market himself. And as his web designer, it’s my job to help him accomplish that. However, as his marketer and friend, it’s my job to help him sell more books to more people. This task is often a struggle.

We recently had his book cover redesigned, and when he releases his third edition, this cover will be on it. So now the process becomes about making his website fit his book cover.

There’ll be a lot of discussions about how to best phrase certain aspects of his copy. There’ll be discussions about how to place his book(s). There’ll be discussions about blog posts, formatting, and fonts. These discussions are fun! And they are because there’s mutual respect. We both want to find the right balance and to grow his business.

His military background informs his aesthetic, and it should. It’s a massive part of who he is. He is also a poet who wants men to see the beauty in the world. And part of that beauty he appreciates is dark minimalism, which explains a bit about his current site.

His new site will be darker and less minimalistic. It’ll have a dark grey or black background, light grey text, and areas of red to give a feeling of continuity with his new book cover. It’ll utilize a military stencil font for the headings and probably a san-serif font for the body text.

And it’ll be marvelous. I’m genuinely excited to see how it comes out. Mr. Hall’s going to get a better website than he can even imagine. Because I’m going to see to it that he does.