You may not realize it, but you’re starting on a new journey. A functional, business-building website isn’t a destination. It’s a journey, as is marketing in general. A website is a living document. You can’t “Set it and forget it.”  It’s a process. And this is your first real step into a profitable new world.

it's Almost time!

A website is more than throwing words on a page then hoping and praying that someone calls you. It’s about artistry and intrigue. It’s about pain and problem solving. If you don’t use your website to its fullest potential, your visitors will simply call your competitor because they spell out how they can help better than you do.

To get someone to call you takes showing them their problems up close and personal. Then you have to prove that you’re the local expert and you have the tools to solve their problem. Don’t worry. The book covers this. You have to make them want what you offer and know that you’re the one to get help from.

You have to speak their language. If you say “ocean blue” but they say “aqua marine”, you’re unlikely to make the sale. But, when you use the same language as your prospective clients, you stand to help more people and make a more money. Yes, it may mean that you have to deviate from accepted industry lingo. But as the saying goes, “Would you rather be right or make money?”

There are tricks (not talked about in the ebook) to finding out what words your clients use so you can speak to them the way they understand. If you want help figuring out your clients’ speech or anything else in your marketing, schedule an appointment using the calendar below. After your session, we’ll send you an action plan that will really get your marketing going!

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