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Doug I. Jones

Doug I. Jones

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When my assistant pastor, James Marini, moved to Texas in February 2021 to start a new church, I was sad. The local church was losing a solid pastor, and I was losing a good friend.

As good friends do, I dove in to help him with his new mission. I wanted to help in any way I could, and since he had all the moving help he needed, the best way I could find was to build a website for his new church.

This church is Calvary Chapel McKinney in McKinney, TX. As it’s still a fledgling church, they’re meeting at the Marini’s home in Mckinney.

Pastor James knows how to use WordPress but wasn’t familiar with Elementor, so all he needed me to do was the Calvary Chapel McKinney web design. He didn’t require ongoing maintenance. I designed the site, and he watched a few videos on YouTube to get familiar with Elementor. When the site was up and running, he took over.

The design process was relatively simple. Pastor James wanted easy navigation, a clean site, and pictures of their Easter Sunday service outdoors in downtown McKinney.

I created a homepage for him and had some icons in red. He loved the red, so I made it a bit more prevalent throughout the site, including in the top menu.

The CCM website is the first one I’ve had to put videos on. It took me about 2 minutes to figure that out. I got the video up, and Pastor James has been keeping that updated ever since.

As a church, he needed a donation platform. He chose Subsplash as the giving platform because they had low fees, no subscription, and easy integration to most websites. And it looks pretty good integrated into the website.

And as a heart-warming comment, James recently told me,

“I was just thinking about it yesterday how blessed I am to have a legit website and how crucial it’s been for ministry thus far.”