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Hi, I'm Tim...

I’m a digital marketer and the owner of Huntington Hearst LLC, a marketing company specializing in helping the Logistics, Trucking, and Shipping industries.

My first job in marketing was in 2003 and I’ve worked in different aspects of it most of the time since then. My fascination with marketing began when I owned a computer repair and networking company years ago. I needed more clients so I started studying how to bring them in. And it’s been a ride since then! Ups, downs, new technologies, and Google updates.

I love this game!

Yes, I do look at Marketing as a game. It’s a game I want to win, whether I’m playing for myself or for you. When you hire me to do your marketing, losing is not an option. You’re paying me to win. And I will.

Tim & Colleen Biden
Me and my wife celebrating with a drink after her art reception at a local museum.

When I started working in marketing, almost 20 years ago, I struggled with my conscience. I thought my work was stealing people’s money and giving it to a faceless corporation. Yes, I was misguided. Now I realize I was helping people solve their problems and helping the company pay its employees. I didn’t understand this, even though I was one of those employees who needed a paycheck.

Every time I went to work, I had a pit in my stomach.

But now, I do this job with pride, a healthy pride. I enjoy what I do. As time passed, I realized that even the best products and services don’t sell themselves. How could they? Word of mouth only works if you get people to start doing business with you and like your service. When you’re just starting out, relying on word of mouth as your marketing will kill your business.

Too many businesses rely on word of mouth because it’s cheap, and they don’t feel sleazy. Too many people hear marketing or sales, and their brains instantly say, “NO, NO, NO! Ewww!” A few bad salespeople have ruined a whole profession’s image. Talking about sales as a profession has almost become a dirty word. And as a companion to sales, marketing has suffered too.

If You Build It, They Will Come

You Offer A Solid Service At A Reasonable Price, You Shouldn't Feel Ashamed About Selling It.

As a young man, I knew that I made the company I worked for money, lots of it. And other people told me that was wrong. But why? When I created an excellent presentation, I felt great about it. I enjoyed the challenge and the accomplishment. And I was helping to put music out into the world.

We made great amplifiers and speakers. We made the world more melodic, and most of our products were affordable. I still see that company’s products in concert halls and churches. But for some reason, I felt bad about marketing and selling.

Something needed to change.

You Should Feel Proud Of Your Freight Services You Offer And How You Help People.

Then I discovered a book that changed my life. And no, it isn’t about marketing. It’s a book about business in general that magically improved my outlook on my profession! I learned that marketing is about helping a company solve another company’s problems and getting paid for it. And that getting paid for performing a service doesn’t diminish the quality of the work performed.

Now I never feel bad about promoting clients or even my own company. I make money helping people grow their business. What’s not to love?

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