You just took your first step toward improving the quality of your clients.

it's Almost time!

Having demanding clients can make your work a living hell.

However, improving the quality of your clients will improve your whole outlook on your business. And you just took your first step toward improving the quality of your clients.

By analyzing how your best and worst clients talk about you, you can use their words in your marketing to find more people like the great ones you already have.

For example, if your top clients talk about how you helped them grow their business, start marketing your product that way to attract more of those clients. Similarly, if your worst clients talk about how you are unresponsive when they have questions, you have two options. You can correct that behavior. Or you can set expectations in your marketing so that people don’t expect you to answer emails over the weekend.

The first option encourages the client who expects you to answer their questions 24/7 to sign up.
The second option eliminates that kind of client and will bring in more clients that respect you and your time.

The 80/20 rule states that the top 20% of your clients make up 80% of your earnings.
It also says that the worst 20% of your clients take up 80% of your working time.
Wouldn’t you like to have more of the best 20%?

This ebook will show you how to ask questions of your current clients to get their input. Don’t forget to ask your worst clients as well as your best.

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