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Use These 3 Things To Increase Website Conversions

Doug I. Jones

Doug I. Jones

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What makes a good website? Effective, user driven design. Provide value. Guide them where to go.

What makes a good website?

There are a few, relatively simple things you can do to make your website better and more helpful for your potential customers. And that’s what it’s all about, them, not you. The purpose of your website is inform, and compel them, not to talk about yourself or your business. Talk to them about what they want to know.

1. Effective, user driven design

Think about the last time you clicked on a website and got lost in the clutter. The site had tons of buttons, text, and links, but no organization. That site didn’t make a good first impression. Do you want to do business with them?

Your website often is the first version of you that a potential customer sees. It is your first impression and it reflects the competency of your business. A well-designed website is vital for creating a sense of trust and communicating your competency to potential customers.

Always keep the end user in mind when planning out your site. How they experience the different elements of it will either increase or destroy their faith in you. A good balance between beauty and usability leads to a positive experience for your customers.

2. Value

When someone lands on your homepage, they’re looking for something. It may be information about your serives, location, or hours. Whatever each site is SEO’d for, it has to give them the information they’re looking for. And if you can compel them to stick around, you’re doing even better.

Your homepage is where most of your clients will probably land first. You need to show them your value and make it east for them to take the next step so they don’t go find your competitors instead.

3. Guide them where to go

Your website homepage probable features your latest sales, product offer, or organization’s mission statement. And it’s porobably doing too much. Web designers urge clients to obey the rule of 1s.

  • 1 Page
  • 1 Message
  • 1 Outcome

Each page only sells one thing. It has 1 method of converting a visitor into a customer. It can be very hard to do this, but it increases conversions because there’s no confusion. Confusion is something you need to avoid like the plague. Confused web visitors don’t become customers.

Make navigating through your website as simple as possible. Make every page concise while providing all the information someone would need to purchase, call, or contact you. Give them what they’re looking for without a lot of fluff.


Make your website about and for your visitors. They need to know how you can and will solve their problems rather than the fact that you won your city’s “Nice Business of the Year” award. No one cares about things like that. They just want to know that you can solve their problem, how long it’ll take, and how much it will cost.


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