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And you think to yourself...

"But How? If there was a way to do that, I would have already done it."

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Ships Waiting To Unload

Business Has been Tough.

  • Ships Waiting To Unload
  • Containers Going Back Empty
  • High Fuel Prices
  • Pressure To Go Green
  • Market Uncertainty
  • Changing Legislation

The last few years were tough for the logistics, shipping, and trucking industries. And you’re still standing. You didn’t throw in the towel and quit. You’re still fighting. Congratulations!

But what’s coming next?

No one, not even the best-known logistics industry insider, has a crystal ball to see what’s coming. Which way will fuel costs go? What’s going to happen with trucking and shipping legislation? Will there be another pandemic? I hope not!

There are lots of guesses about the future. Anyone can guess about these things. But no one gets it right every time. As a professional, you know there are certain things you can do to help make the future easier. And you’re already working on some of them.

How would you feel if, as you’re trying to survive, you see other logistics businesses around you have fully recovered and are growing?

How Will You Solve Those issues?

Additional Sales Solve almost every business Problem.

Logistics Marketing Expert

Marketing yourself As An Expert
makes selling Easier.

  • More Good Clients
  • Less Time Selling
  • More Industry Recognition
  • More Freedom

Business gets easier when you can spend more time closing deals than chasing them down. Life gets easier. Everything works smoother.

That’s what you get when Huntington Hearst does your logistics marketing, easier sales. We design your website and other digital assets to position you as a logistics expert. You’ll have people coming to you. They’ll already see you as an expert. And it won’t just be because you’ve been in the logistics business for years.

Your prospects will see you as the expert because you taught them new aspects of the business. Your advice helped them save money and time. They became successful. And their success translates into your success.

The good news is that becoming an expert doesn’t require teaching from a stage. All you have to do is teach, and you can do that with books and PDF e-books. Don’t worry. We’ll take care of it together.

How Does Logistics Marketing Work?


Digital marketing uses websites, social media, ads, and other digital materials. They're all designed to present you as the expert your clients need.

Convert Website Visitors
To Clients

A website that doesn't get visitors to call or sign up isn't worth the price of designing it. We follow a proven formula to lure people in.

Keep Their

We offer free e-books on your website, so prospects sign up for your email list. We email your list twice a week with valuable info, keeping you at the top of their mind.

You Become
The Expert

Giving away your knowledge and solving problems make you the expert your clients need. Experts are trusted and get to charge more for their services.

What is Huntington Hearst?

logistics marketing services

Tim Biden

Logistics Marketer

I’m Tim Biden, owner of Huntington Hearst LLC. Yeah, my last name is Biden, like Joe. But there’s no relation. No. I can’t put you in touch with the Big Guy. I’ve never met him.

But we’re not here to talk about the coincidences of my last name.

I provide logistics marketing services. I’ve worked on websites and SEO for over ten years. I’ve seen many trends come and go in that time. Becoming an expert is one strategy I’ve never seen disappear. And I doubt I ever will.


Because it’s powerful. When you prove that you know your industry and help people, you become valuable and a member of their team. You’re the obvious choice when a client needs to transport their freight.

That’s a good position for your business and sales team.

What's next?

1. You Click the button below.

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3. We get to work, marketing you as the expert.

We use digital marketing to position your company as the industry experts. Why? Because people love doing business with experts. People pay more to work with experts. Your reputation is everything.

Think about it… Marketing is more than telling people who you are and what you do. It’s showing them, proving your value and expertise. Digital Marketing is getting people to know, like, and trust you, through digital means.

What’s going to be easier for your clients? Trusting a random person to move your freight or trusting an industry expert?

Think about it. When was the last time you trusted an idiot with something important? How did it work out?

Now think about a time you needed to something done and you hired an expert handle it. Were you worried? Concerned? Relieved? I bet you’re a bit like me and you hire experts to do what they do best. Your clients do the same.

Your clients think the same exact way. Just like you, they want experts handling their business. Together, we’re going to prove to them that you’re the logistics experts they need.

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